What We Do

     TWJ Capital makes growth equity investments in expansion stage companies which need "acceleration capital" to achieve growth inflection,  and venture capital investments in start-up and early stage companies. Our investments are generally in the range of $500,000 to $5 million, and are generally in transactions up to $25 million in size.  TWJ Capital has a medium term investment horizon of three to four years, and our due diligence focuses on quality of company management and clearly defined catalysts for company growth and exit strategies.  Our portfolio concentrations include telecommunications software, internet marketing software, business services software, and specialty retail.   We will invest in prerevenue startup ventures with compelling product concepts and market opportunities, and exceptional management teams with strong track records of successful execution of business plans.

     We create value for our investors in four ways:
1.)  our ability to source attractive investment opportunities;
2.)  our due diligence process which entails indepth evaluation of business plans and financial projections, and extensive meetings with company management to assess their capabilities;
3.)  our disciplined investment process which is based on four core principles:  (1) coinvestment with principals and financial sponsors; (2) compelling business opportunity and business plan; (3) strong management team; and (4) clear growth catalysts and exit strategy; and
4.)  postinvestment ongoing close interaction with management to strengthen business plans, identify partnership opportunities, and provide contacts and references which assist the company in achieving its business objectives.


How to Contact Us

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